This is Our Story

A project that came to fruition through years of rock-solid friendship, London-based band TTR have somehow managed to make the best out of a hot mess. They spent those days exploring and meddling with rhythm, harmony, melody, and texture from a diverse array of genres. When those conversations evolved into rehearsals, the trio's eclectic collation of musical influences began to cultivate a sound that is now defined by a genre-bending ethos and soulful sonic textures. 

Consisting of Italian jazz singer, guitarist, composer, and educator Cris Tanzi (Vocals + Guitar), eclectic English groove drummer Mark Rudd (Drums), Malaysian pianist, composer, synth player, electronic musician Kelly Teh (Keyboard/synths), and  their latest addition Piotr Szachewicz (Bassist) TTR are eclectic to the core. They cite influences from genres spanning the sounds of jazz-funk, jazz synth, soul, African and Latin rhythm, Avant pop, and art-rock. 

Through blending soulful vocals, funky drums, jazzy guitar riffs, warm rhodes, and other synthesized sounds, the trio manufactures a sound abundant with vibe. They aim to bring positivity to their audience with every production, utilising their boundless approach to music to express themselves fully. 

Always accompanied by their resident cat, Peach, TTR has been rehearsing, composing, and arranging songs in their living room 




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